Blackout is a game with a simple core mechanic. You cannot see. You will have to pick up some items around, but you will have to do it only with the help of the sounds around.


Use the arrow keys to move. Press "X" to pick up the item. You will only pick up the item when you are above it.


My name is "Bibiki". I'm a composer/sound designer interested also in learning programming and game design, so pico8 is an awesome tool for learning. This is my second attempt to make a pico8 game, and even though the mechanic is simple, I feel very happy about a game done with a sound mechanic.

If you want, you can follow more of my stuff in twitter: @BibikiGL

Also, thank you very much to @egordorichev for making this awesome menu!

Any feedback is welcome :)


blackout-linux.rar 402 kB
blackout-win.rar 733 kB
blackout-mac.rar 877 kB

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